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Mentors come from various blockchain/web3 companies. The list will be updated.

Ahyoung OhProduct Manager @ NFTBankproduct

Ahyoung(Zoe) is product manager at NFTBank. She entered the world of Web3 in 2019 after having interned at a blockchain startup in London. She was a vice president of Decipher, the most prestigious blockchain research group in South Korea, and has co-authored a book on NFT and contemporary art. She received her B.S. degree in Computer Science & Engineering and Business Administration from Seoul National University. She enjoys working out.

Boram KimCBO @ H LabProduct / Business / Community & Governance

Stefan is a web3 builder and Chief Business Officer at H Lab/NEOPIN in Abu Dhabi. Believe in financial, social and political freedom by codes on the blockchain. His main interests are blockchain, gaming and journalism, previously worked at Binance, Krust, GroundX, Neowiz and Kakao. He’s been making digital products for over 13 years. Before his foray into web3, he worked as a journalist for multiple news agencies such as The Bell, Associated Press, Seattle Post-Intelligencer covering capital markets, politics, arts and entertainment. Born and raised in South Korea, lived in Seattle and Melbourne, Former pro musician and a part-time animal rescuer.

Bosul KimAssociate Professor @ Seoul Institute of the ArtsArt / Design of Web3

Bo Sul Kim is a digital media artist and director at the intersection of art and technology. Currently, she is an associate professor of the Digital Art program at Seoul Institute of the Arts and has led international creative productions on art-technology global platform, CultureHub. Her artistic vision encompasses experimenting with emerging technologies such as AR/MR/XR, AI, network-based telepresence, hologram, NFT art and metaverse to cross the boundary between reality and virtuality. Her work has been shown in S.Korea, NY, LA, Prague, Dubai, India at venues such as Seoul Arts Center, REDCAT, LA Convention Center, La MaMa E.T.C, Under the Festival etc. Recently she was selected as artist for Crypto Week Asia, “Temporal Vision” Media Wall Exhibition (NY), “Dubai Artweek-BoulevArt” (AE). Her professional experience includes working at Cheil worldwide, d’strict and have directed Telematic network based projects “Vital Signs”, XR telematic performance “Invisible Touch”, Metaverse based NFT art “Hybrid Nature”.

Brian pakCEO @ Theoridev / product / biz / security

Brian is a cybersecurity expert with a strong background in both academia and industry. He holds an M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and has a wealth of experience in the field, including co-founding and serving as the CEO of Theori. He is also a highly accomplished hacker with over 70 wins in international competitions and multiple reported vulnerabilities to global vendors and open-source projects. He has been recognized for his contributions with multiple awards, including the Minister of Science and ICT Award and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Award. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to the R.O.K. Cyber Command and a mentor at KITRI’s Best of the Best (BoB) program.

Brian YunInvestor @ Animoca BrandsProduct / Business / Investment

Brian is an Investor at Animoca Brands, focused on early to late stage crypto investments and setting up the business in Korea. Previously, Brian was an investment banker specializing in M&A across various industries in North America. He earned a BCom in finance and economics from the University of Toronto.

Charles PyoFounder & CEO @ Chain PartnersProduct / Business

Charles Pyo is the Founder and CEO of Chain Partners Inc. He served as the sole advisory member for blockchain and digital asset policy on the Presidential Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution in Korea. He first entered blockchain in 2017 when he created, the first major Korean blockchain application service provider. He then launched Chain Partners Inc. the same year as Korea’s first blockchain company builder, through a successful Series A funding from institutional investors. Before launching Chain Partners, Mr. Pyo was a successful serial entrepreneur and founder, notably at Wizard Works which he exited in 2015. After leading Rubicon Games Inc. from 2010-2012, he launched a number of popular apps including SomNote, which attracted 6 million users in partnership with Kakao, and Magic Day, which attracted 3 million users and was sold to Yello Mobile. Selected by Businessweek as one of “Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs,” he continues to influence and educate the public’s view of blockchain through his popular online essays. Mr. Pyo received his BA in Communication & Business at Yonsei University.

Daniel KimDirector, APAC @ ForteBusiness / International Expansion

Daniel is the Director of APAC at Forte, responsible for driving the company’s growth and expansion in the Asia Pacific through business development, strategic partnerships, and investments. He also holds the CEO position at Tiger Research, a Web 3 advisory firm in Korea providing professional consulting services to global enterprises. With extensive experience in investment research and operational positions at global tech enterprises including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Yahoo!, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to both his roles.

Daniel M ShinPartner @ KingsBay CapitalProduct / Business / Tokenomics

Daniel M. Shin is a venture capitalist, executive scholar, and luxury executive. Daniel has run KingsBay Capital, a cross-border venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Daniel also oversees corporate development at MCM, a German luxury brand, that operates in 40+ counties, and has taught at Korea University on adjunct basis. Daniel has served in various executive and board positions at private and public companies such as KT, Hanwha, CJ and Daesung Group. He also worked at Accenture as a summer business analyst. Daniel has published several books and is a frequent speaker on the subjects related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Daniel was nominated as Young Global Leader in 2016 by the World Economic Forum. He was also honored to become Yale World Fellow under the former president Richard Levin’s legacy at Yale. Daniel received DBA from l’Université de Paris(IX)-Dauphine, Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), MSc from Stern School of Business, New York University and BSc from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University at Bloomington. He completed post-graduate studies at Harvard, Oxford and Princeton University. Daniel resides in Seoul, Korea.

Donghwan KwonLead of Klaytn Core Team @ Klaytn Foundationdev

Donghwan Kwon is a blockchain core developer of Klaytn project since 2019. He mainly contribute to building Klaytn blockchain client and key management system of Klip wallet. Prior to web3, he worked as a software analyst doing penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. He received a master’s degree in information security from KAIST.

Dong Hyeok Kim (Sebastian)CEO & Engineer @ Hunt Towndev / product

Sebastian Kim is a co-founder and engineer at Hunt Town, a global Web3 builders’ guild. He earned his computer science degree from the University of Sydney and has over 15 years of experience as a software engineer and startup founder. Since 2017, he has developed numerous interesting DApps and Web3 communities within the Hunt Town ecosystem, including,, and

EJ JungAssociate Professor @ University of San FranciscoTokenomics

EJ Jung is an associate professor in Computer Science at University of San Francisco. She has experience in designing algorithms for building blocks of blockchain such as peer-to-peer systems, distributed systems, Byzantine fault tolerance and self-stabilizing systems. She is passionate about building a long-lasting blockchain and its products, and has been working on designing incentive-compatible consensus and storage algorithms in blockchain.

Erica KangCEO @ KryptoSeoulCommunity & Governance / Events / Branding

Erica is the Founder and CEO of KryptoSeoul, a community building brand mainly based in Seoul, Korea. Since early 2018, Erica has been active in helping organic communities grow by hosting technical events, hackathons, meetups, and by making meaningful connections between East and West. Erica organizes BUIDL Asia conferences, ETH Seoul, and hosts the KryptoSeoul Youtube channel shows. Prior to joining Web3, Erica has had working experience at Korea Telecom, Hana Investment Bank, and SK Securities. She has a Master’s Degree in International Policy at Stanford University and Bachelor’s Degree at Ewha Womans University.

Eric KimProduct Manager @ SendbirdProduct / Community & Governance

Eric is a product manager at Sendbird, powering scalable chat/voice/video API for individuals and organizations to implement in-app digital connections quickly. His current interest is to build a product that allows users to recognize meaningful/loyal digital connections by providing one-click data integration with a pre-build analytics template to their existing data analytics tool. He constantly challenges himself to validate the value of blockchain technology’s interoperability. He feels grateful for the opportunity to be part of exciting journeys as an angel investor at companies like oopy, bugcity, and story protocol. He enjoys finding cool web3 projects that focus on delivering real values to human society.

Eunkwang JooCEO @ WASD3Rdev / product / biz

Eunkwang Joo has built a global crypto investment platform, Haru Invest, and achieved 100x growth for the last 3 years as co-founder/CTO. He’s put lots of efforts into bridging the technical gap between Web2 and Web3 and it was successful. Before Haru Invest, he was a game developer making MMORPGs at the largest game companies in South Korea, Nexon, and NCSoft. He’s a serial entrepreneur now building a blockchain infrastructure for game studios.

Faisal NaveedCTO @ Genesis LabDev

Faisal is a highly accomplished CTO at Genesis Lab and a blockchain software engineer with a degree in software engineering from FAST Pakistan, a top computer software university. He is a highly accomplished CTO at Genesis Lab, with a wealth of experience as a blockchain software engineer. He has made significant contributions to the development of the Cashero retail and institutional investment platform, having devised its software architecture. In addition, Faisal has played a crucial role in the growth of the Cosmos Blockchain ecosystem, having developed three chains, including the Pylons NFT Chain. Faisal is also an expert in financial AI bots trading algorithms, having worked on their development. His extensive experience in software development extends to the NFT ecosystem, where he has worked on the development of the NFT Aggregator Indexer for PixelPulp, as well as the Data Management Gateway with API for Klaytn NFT ecosystem. Faisal is passionate about software architectures and design patterns.

Gahyun KimCEO @ NEWZContents

Gahyun is the CEO/Founder of NEWZ, a short-form new media start-up & official No. 1 edutainment MCN of TikTok Korea. Prior to founding NEWZ, Gahyun has had various careers in the media industry through her career as an announcer, producer, and Jornalist. Gahyun holds Theology & Media and Public Relations B.A. from Yonsei University. the 2019 best media Awardee in DPA(Decentralized People’s Awards)
2021 Clean Contents Grand Prize
2022 Marie Claire Top13 Z leadership

Geon-gi MoonCEO, Co-founder @ HAECHI LABSProduct / Business

Geon-gi Moon is the co-founder and CEO of HAECHI LABS, a global leading crypto wallet company with the mission to bridge the future of digital ownership for everyone, as well as the CEO of KODA, the first regulated crypto custodian in South Korea and also a joint venture between HAECHI LABS and KB Kookmin Bank, the largest retail bank in South Korea. Previously, was the first Vice President at Decipher, a blockchain research group at Seoul National University. He had studied Business and Computer Science at the Seoul National University but dropped out the college to start his own business.

Ingi KimFounder & CEO @ Code StatesProduct / Business / Community & Governance

Ingi Kim is the Founder & CEO of Code States and an angel investor. Code States is the biggest coding bootcamp in Korea. He is an investor in many startups and web3 projects, including Story Protocol, Overmind, Stonks, Picke Plus, Talent Protocol, Paragraph, Syndicate, Questbook, Immuna, Notifi, and more.

Ryou JaekyeongUX research & Company building @ Companoid Labsproduct / UX

Jaekyeong Ryou is the co-founder of Companoid Labs, the world’s first company builder based on user experience research. She majored in computer science and visual communication design and earned her M.S. in research on the user experience of blockchain electronic wallets. Jaekyeong has worked on some fintech projects with a bank and a financial investment company and has written a book about MyData Business. After her M.S., she conducted seminars at public institutions and banks based on the importance of web3 and blockchain UX. Now, she has been studying on what are the properties that crypto users feel about some apps as web3 apps, and how mass users can use web3 apps with no confusion but ease.

Jaewon HanProduct Owner @ BlockOdyssey, EZS Trading TeamDev / Product

Jaewon Han is a experienced product owner with a proven track record of successfully launching and managing products in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. As a former Product Manager at GroundX, he was instrumental in launching and managing multiple projects within the Klaytn ecosystem, including the Klip wallet, Klip Partners (NFT Minting Tool), Klip Drops (NFT Marketplace), and other key products. With his ability to lead cross-functional teams, establish project milestones, and effectively communicate with partners and stakeholders, Jaewon has consistently delivered high-quality products. Currently, Jaewon is a member of the EZS Trading team at BlockOdyssey, where he serves as the product owner of the algorithmic trading system. He is dedicated to driving the product vision and strategy, ensuring the delivery of user-centric solutions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Jangwoo LeeCEO @ UPROOT COMPANYbiz / Tokenomics

JANGWOO LEE is the CEO / Founder of UPROOT COMPANY, a digital asset solution company. He is currently adjunct professor at Hanyang University and a virtual asset Committee member of the Korean Accounting Association(KAA). He was Korean Intellectual Property office(KIPO), NFT advisor

Jen (Junghyun) KimHead of Product @ NFTBankproduct / biz

Jen leads product & business development at NFTBank. Prior to joining NFTBank, Jen held various product and business-related positions at Facebook Singapore & Facebook HQ focused on helping small medium businesses succeed on FB ad platform. Jen holds Psychology B.A. & Business Administration.B.S. from UC Berkeley.

Ryu Jeong HyeVP of Marketing @ Kakao Entertainmentbiz / community / governance

Kakao Entertainment / Vice President
Google Startup for Korea / Mentor since 2021
Kakao Page / CMO
TOSSLAB / Head of Marketing
NHN Entertainment / Market Insight Leader
Naver / Marketing & Insight Leader
Seoul National University with a degree in anthropology

Jihoon JeongGeneral Partner @ K2G Tech Fundproduct / Biz / Investment

Dr. Jihoon Jeong received his MD from Hanyang University and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering. His main interests are intersections of technology and society by serving in various roles including general physician, research scientist, book writer, professor, startup advisor and angel investor. He is currently General Partner of K2G Tech Fund, Chief Vision Officer of ModuLabs, Affiliate Professor of DGIST, and Advisor of LG Electronics. He also co-founded and has been acting as a partner of Digital Healthcare Partners. He advised Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Auto, SK Telecom, Naver and Kakao Entertainment. He is one of well-known angels investors in S. Korea. He invested in more than 150 start-up companies including several AI start-ups such as Lunit (100 AI companies selected by CBInsight), Crowdworks, and LOVO and he is under advising many blockchain and NFT projects such as MetaMUI blockchain, Protocon, Treasures Club / Hero Duck, Voiceverse NFT, Age of Zen and Soul Fiction.

Ji Hoon ParkCEO and ZK-researcher @ Radius.xyzDev / Product

I previously worked for Samsung research as SW engineer for 14 years. I focused on researching security and privacy. In 2016, I led in-house venture project called “Blockchain-based marketplace for personal data on mobile”. People can sell their data on mobile such as location data or app usage to marketing companies using the p2p network to make pocket money. In 2019, I founded zero knowledge (zk) proof research community called ZK-SEL. What ZK-SEL does is to take sponsorship from zk-based projects such as Starkware, Polygon ZK and Anoma and research their technical details and translate into Korean so the audience here can understand what the projects are about in technical aspect. December ‘21, I found a project called Radius, MEV-resistant sequencing layer for rollups on Ethereum. The layer minimizes harmful MEV such as front running and sandwich attack using cryptography including zkp and encryption, also maximizes benign MEV for example arbitrage and liquidation. (also support for cross-rollup arbitrage)

Jihoon SuhSenior product designer @ CoinbaseProduct / Tokenomics / Design

Jihoon is a Senior Product Designer at Coinbase Web3 team, designing browser and wallet experience to make Web3 more accessible to retail crypto investors. Previously, he has led designs at Meta, specially on gaming, messaging and live products. He holds a Master of Science in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from KAIST. He has also been active in various leadership and mentorship roles, serving as an interviewer, mentor, and lecturer for internal and external communities in the design industry.

Jinkyu JangChairman & CEO @ Companoid Labsproduct / UX

President Dr. Jang, as a cognitive scientist, researcher in human-computer interaction, and startup investor, has led the way in user-centered innovation. Companoid Labs is the world’s first company builder based on user experience research. The company has helped early-stage startups become Next Generation Companies through professional user experience work. Additionally, the company solves problems from the perspective of user experience in new industries in partnership with big-tech companies. Dr. Jang started his own startup in the early 2000s, called Iznation Networks, and successfully exited through M&A within three years. Afterwards, he studied Robotics and Computer Science and earned his Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction. He has invested in 49 startups as a startup investor, and has invested as an Operating Partner of K2G Tech Fund, a Silicon Valley VC, and as a Partner of DHP, a startup investment firm. He has also served as an advisor to the Samsung Electronics DMC Research Center, and as the HCI Research Director at the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology at Seoul National University. In 2020, he was awarded the Minister’s commendation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for his contributions to digital healthcare.

JinSan KimTechnical Partner @ BlocoreDev

Blocore, Technical Partner
LINE(unchain), Lead Software Engineer
EA, Technical Director
3 times Startup Co-Founder as CEO or CTO

Jinwoo ParkCEO @ OFF Live Pte. LTDTokenomics

Jinwoo Park is a serial entrepreneur, where his most recent experience includes co-founding Hashed, a blockchain-specialized VC. However, as he is more interested in building, in May 2021, he founded OFF. OFF aims to provide an on- and off-chain infrastructure for the avatar-based Web3 social platforms.

JinYoung YooCore Member(Research) @ ReFi SeoulReFi / Governance / Tokenomics

JinYoung is raising awareness of ReFi in South Korea through ReFi Seoul. In 2018, she was awarded two blockchain hackathons and conducted technology research at Decipher, the leading blockchain research group in Korea. She also worked as a content manager at Modulabs, where she contributed to creating technological education curricula for artificial intelligence schools. JinYoung believes that the growth of the blockchain industry will lead to a better world. She has a broad interest in topics, including tokenomics and transaction tracking for sustainable systems.

Jongho KimCEO @ Coredotlabproduct

Jongho is the founder of Coredotlab Inc., web3.0 software development company. Coredotlab Inc. has chosen and developed platform services that are going to dig deeper into web3.0 and decentralization. By participating as a development partner in the early stages of those projects, they believe that their technical leadership helps them proceed to the next growth stage of business. He studied information and communication engineering at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology and has invented more than 80 US patents about the next generation mobile technologies at LG Electronics and InterDigital.

Junghyun KimLead of Klaytn Core Dev @ Krust Universedev / product

Junghyun Kim is the team leader of Klaytn Core Dev Team. He has been contributing to Klaytn core protocol and its ecosystem after he joined to develop Klaytn core protocol in 2018. Klaytn is an EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain platform backed by Kakao. He developed Klaytn’s account/transaction model, one of key differences of Klaytn. He previously worked at Samsung Electronics after receiving a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering from Seoul National University where he researched high performance computing with GPGPUs. He is seeking various opportunities and methodologies to achieve mass adoption of Blockchain technology.

Juntak YoonCSO @ bitBLUEproduct / biz

Yoon Juntak is currently working as the CSO of Web3 Culture Company bitBLUE. He has been in the blockchain field for 7 years and is interested in NFTs, content, and IP. Previously, he co-founded the startup, Crevas AI, which provided social music recommendation service “Pinply” for about 4 years as COO. Before starting a business, he started his career in technology planning at SK Hynix, and worked at Korea IBM and SK Planet. He majored in electronic engineering in college and received a master’s degree in technology management from New York University. He has provided consulting and advice to many IT-related companies and public institutions such as large and medium-sized enterprises in the fields of blockchain and e-commerce. He currently serves as an advisor at the Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI). He has been writing IT-related articles since 2015 and has been a regular contributor to IT-related columns in various media such as DBR (Donga Business Review) and Joongang Ilbo. He has also published several books, including “Web 3.0 Revolution” and “Web 3.0 Next Economy” (co-authored), and “Digital Economy in One Volume” and “AI Business Trends” (co-authored)

Kangwook LeePatent / Trademark Attorney @ KNK Intellecual Property & LawIntellectual Property (Patent / Trademark / Design)

Kangwook Lee is a representative patent/trademark attorney at KNK Intellectual Property & Law Firm, adjunct Professor at SungKyunKwan University, and advisor of Heartbit. B.S. Electronic Engineering at Hanyang Univ, M.S in Blockchain Tech at Sogang Univ, completion of IP law at graduate school of Seoul National Univ.

Kiheon ShinFree Worker / Creative DirectorProduct / Business / Tokenomics

Kiheon Shin worked as a creative director in multidisciplinary fields such as IT, design, architecture, art, and entertainment for the past 15 years. Based on his interest in the boundary between the virtual world and the real world, he has been working on creating content that provides immersive experiences and values, and is deeply studying how to utilize Web 3 within the metaverse to develop it.

Kunho KimCofounder @ TopologyProduct / Business / Community & Governance / L2 / zk rollups

Kunho is a cofounder at topology, building fully onchain mechanics and standards to build onchain realities. On the side, he runs, co-investing in early stage startups with a16z, Philip Morris International, and others. Kunho holds a degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy at Harvard University. While he was at Harvard, he created one of the first Harvard blockchain conferences inviting Ethereum Foundation researchers. He later worked briefly with Strategy & Growth at Ethereum Foundation.

Kwangsung ParkCEO @ a41 (a4x Inc.)Business / Community & Governance

Kwangsung Park is a founder of blockchain infrastructure startup called a41. He has entered the crypto/blockchain space as a co-founder of crypto co-living/co-working space called nonce Foundation. And, from then, he has worked closely with multiple crypto funds and firms regarding the Korean market.

Kyunghwan MinPartner @ BlocoreBusiness / Tokenomics

A seasoned investment professional with over 15 years of extensive experience in the platform business sector, having played a pivotal role in launching Adsense at Google and significantly driving growth for the Google Play business in South Korea to become one of the top 5 markets with multi-billion dollar revenue. The individual holds a dual degree in Material Science and Business Administration from Seoul National University.

KyungKoo KimSoftware Engineer @ Ground Xdev / product

KyungKoo Kim led the contract and frontend development team at Ground X. He worked on development at Ground X for four years. During this time, he wrote most of the smart contact codes of Ground X. He has been designing and developing Klip and KlipDrops from the beginning. Prior to joining Ground X, he studied various Layer1 blockchain platforms at Bithumb’s cypto research center. He continues to make efforts to create a groundbreaking web3 service with blockchain technology.

Kyunsin KimCEO @ PAULUSbiz / Branding & Marketing

Kyungsin ‘Pablo’ Kim is an award winning creative whose work foregrounds compassionate narratives and design-centric solutions. He established his own boutique production agency, Paulus, in Seoul and has worked with clients such as Hyundai, Google, KT, and Hanwha. His compelling narratives for global brands, public entities, international organizations and NGOs have won him many awards at Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, One Show, and London International Awards. Pablo is now taking his talents to the domain Web 3.0 by introducing Re-Be World & RVDO, a meta media endeavor focused on empowering creators everywhere.

Minho YooCSO @ IoTrust (D'CENT Wallet)dev / product / biz

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-founder at IoTrust, a blockchain wallet provider which has brand name as D’CENT wallet and Wepin wallet for 7 years. Industrial Engineering @ Seoul National University.

Minhyun KimCEO @ Common Computer Inc.Dev / Product / Business / Community & Governance / Tokenomics

Ex Google Engineer, Common Computer CEO, AI Network Founder

MinJi KimArt&Tech columnistArt / Product / Business

Min Ji Kim has been paying attention to the future of art and changes in the ecosystem of innovative industries that have met advanced science and technology such as artificial intelligence, metaverse, web 3.0, and blockchain. She is an author·contributor·independent researcher, anchor·MC·moderator, lecturer·presenter, advisor, and juror. She has been continuing her activities in art and technology-related broadcasting, talks, writing, advice, and research. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Aesthetics from Seoul National University, Korea, as well as a Master’s degree in Science Journalism from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST. She contributed an interview article for <Minji’s NFT Art People> as a guest reporter for 《CoinDesk Korea》, a blockchain-specialized media platform. She published the book entitled 『NFT Art: art that can’t be replaced by anything else』(Artbook Press, released June 2022). She worked as a future education and culture content startup team leader and a teacher at a youth alternative school. With a balanced perspective on art and technology, she is currently holding talks with experts related to the metaverse and web 3.0 such as artificial intelligence and blockchain startup workers, NFT curators, IP lawyers, XR content directors, and AI digital human developers as anchors.

David ChoiCSO @ Bisonaiproduct / biz / community / governance

Minsu Choi has a total of four co-founding experiences in start-ups and is currently in charge of CSO & co-founder at Bisonai, which is delivering blockchain infrastructure and building own products. He is also the organizer of SeoulWeb3, a global Web3 community. Previously, he discovered DeFi 2.0 ecosystems such as Olympus DAO and NFT blue chips in its early phase and involved in education and community buildings within DAO. Prior to that, he co-founded crypto media called BlockDaily, and also led the branding and campaign on the election for a node team of the EOS blockchain ecosystem.

Sungho KimPartner @ HashedBusiness

Ryan Sungho Kim is a Partner at Hashed. He assesses deals from Asia and focuses on applications, corporate finance and enterprise. Previously, Ryan successfully exited his company LOOKET, a mobile solution for SME to Recobell (a Big Data company). Ryan was in charge of the development and planning of recommendation systems in his previous company, and he realized that the data space has many vulnerabilities. This led him to blockchain and ultimately made him co-found Hashed. Ryan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology).

Sang Sik JooCEO @ bitBLUEdev / product / biz / tokenomics

Founder&CEO @bitBLUE, CDO @Meshkorea, CTO&CISO @SMEntertainment, Information Security (M.E) @Dongguk Univ.

Scott KimCBO @ HAVAHbiz

Scott Kim is the CBO of HAVAH, one of the leading interchain infrastructure project which aims to connect and utilize all the digital asset for the coming metaverse era. He started his blockchain career in 2017 at ICON as a business development, and worked at GroundX/Klaytn as a strategy lead. 7 years of blockchain business experience makes him to believe isolated, fractionized digital assets and services need a trustworthy bridge service, which leads him to co-found the HAVAH project.

SeonMin YiCorp. Adviser (Web 3.0 adoption Strategy) @ Cross angle (Xangle)Business / Community & Governance / Tokenomics

SeonMin was the team leader of the Blockchain Platform Group at SK Co., Ltd. Since the organization was first established in 2017, She has developed blockchain businesses, established blockchain and NFT business strategies, and created GTM (Go-to-Market) strategies. She also developed the warm platform ChainZ and applied it to Korea’s leading non-profit and donation-related organization, Donation Process. In 2019, SeonMin led the establishment of a strategy for entering the STO (Security Token Offering) market within Singapore’s jurisdiction and designed a regulated STO business model using IP rights. He also developed the STO Platform MVP. Additionally, she worked on blockchain application concept design for SK Group companies such as SK Hynix, the next-generation comprehensive financial system of the Korea post office, and the government’s Nara Market construction project. Since 2022, SeonMin has been the director of the Corporate Advisory Group at CrossAngle (Xangle) and serves as a strategy advisor for web3.0 introduction for enterprise companies. She helps companies develop business models that are suitable for market movements as an active response to blockchain trend changes. His clients include SK, NEXON, and SAMSUNG

Shakil MuhammadCEO @ Genesis Labdev

Shakil is a researcher and entrepreneur and has experience in Computer Software and Networks Security. He attended KAIST for MS & PhD. He has experience in developing blockchain and dapp development. He co-founded few start-ups including blockchain research and development firm( to provide services to startups and enterprises around the world. He served as Deputy Project Director (Cyber Incident Response Team) at the Government of Pakistan for 10 years, he manage a large group of the security professional to secure national critical infrastructure. Developed tools and procedures to protect core data centers, networks, and servers. He remains a consultant to various organizations such ITF, Open Networking Foundation brigade, and editor to IEEE. He taught Java, blockchain, data analytics, and Web Technologies to ISSAC KAIST students.

Songyi Leecore contributor @ Impact collectiveCommunity & Governance

Songyi Lee is a longtime player in the blockchain ecosystem, with over a decade of experience. She co-founded a blockchain startup that utilized Bitcoin on decentralized SMS networks to provide financial service in 2013. Currently, she is an active contributor to several DAOs and Dorgs, and she manages Impact Collective. With extensive knowledge in community and governance design, DID, Fintech, and emerging economies, Songyi advises both web2 and web3 organizations and non-profit organizations.

Soo Kyoung SeolCEO, Co-founder @ 2PM Lab Inc.Product / Business / Community & Governance / Tokenomics

Soo Kyoung Seol (@Snow) is the co-founder and CEO of 2PM Lab, which focuses on climate tech and responsible AI with the mission of enhancing the value of ordinary life through technology. Before 2PM Lab, she led the blockchain teams at both GS and NHN and built usage-proven applications. She loves working with entrepreneurs and developers because it makes her feel alive, challenged, and fulfilled. She earned her BS in Indurstrial Design from KAIST.

Steven ShinManaging Partner @ QuadXGrowth & Marketing

With over a decade of experience in marketing, Steven is a seasoned professional in the field. He has utilized his expertise in the crypto industry since 2017, providing growth marketing advisory to numerous crypto projects. In addition, Steven has co-founded multiple startups in South Korea, including a cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, he is serving as a Managing Partner at QuadX, where he utilizes his consulting experience to drive successful outcomes for clients.

Suren KimCEO @ LOCOContents

Suren is the CEO and founder of LOCO, a content IP company. LOCO is the production company of Korea’s first TV series 3D musical animation “Princess Pring,” and has strengths in storytelling and character design. They have produced animation and live-action focusing on character IPs such as ‘Princess Pring’, ‘SnowCat’ and ‘Kystar’, and have been merchandising toys, publications, and performances in global markets. They are actively participating in Web 3.0 project, ‘Prince of Arkria’ by creating NFT and Virtual Idols.
2020 SBA Contents Awards : The Best IP
2019 Asia Animation Summit : Nominated
2017 Korea Toy Awards : Korea Institute of Design Promotion Award
2017 K-Design Award : Winner
2016 Korea Contents Awards : Korea Creative Content Agency Award
2015 Korea Toy Awards : Excellent Girls’ Toy Award
2014 Small and Medium Business Administration : Award Certificate

Taekyu ParkCEO @ LightscaleProduct / Business

Taekyu is the founder of Lightscale, which is building a zk-rollup based Layer 2 solution on Ethereum. He previously led Ozys, a blockchain startup based in South Korea, as its CEO to launch various blockchain products, including a cross-chain bridge called “Orbit Bridge”, an automated market maker (AMM) platform called “KLAYswap”, and a multichain yield optimizer called “BELT finance”. The Orbit Bridge has connected 21 mainnets and executed more than 840K transactions, equivalent to $12B in assets.

Cheong, Woo HyeonCEO @ Atomrigs Lab, Incdev / Business / Tokenomics

William Wooseok JangCSO @ Allink Co., Ltd.Product / Business

William wooseok Jang is the CSO, Head of blockchain at Allink Co., Ltd. William plan and build blockchain services that can be used in real life as well as online and metaverse. Before joining Allink, William established a standardization policy for camera firmware as a hardware engineer at Samsung Electronics. After switching career to biz dev, launches Samsung Pay Vietnam, Bixby Vision Shopping in SEA countries. As Samsung Blockchain founder, bring out Samsung Blockchain Keystore and Samsung Blockchain Wallet services. After Joinning Allink, make 7-Eleven’s decentralized NFT membership, which can be used in about 11,000 stores in Korea. And introduced service that can serve as Samsung mobile product purchase certificates which could get benefit at offline 600 digital plaza stores.

Youngtaek OhEIR @ Altos VenturesDev / Community & Governance

Youngtaek Oh(Robbie) is an EIR of Altos Ventures. He was previously a founding member of Decipher and Haechi Labs. He also has experience researching the applied ZKP field at the Privacy and Scalability Exploration team.

Uno(Younho) LeeHead of Business&Governance @ Klaytn FoundationBusiness / Community & Governance

Younho is Head of Klaytn Business&Governance at Klaytn Foundation. He contributed to achieving Klaytn’s eco-system expansion and decentralization roadmap from 2019. He believes that Klaytn has unlimited responsibility for the success and development of the Korean blockchain industry. He previously worked as an analyst at Samsung Securities and as a venture capitalist at Lindeman Asia Investment, and has extensive experience in traditional finance for 10 years.

Youree LeeExecutive Vice President @ Peertec (GDAC)Product / Business

Dr. Youree Lee is the Executive Vice President Peertec (GDAC), one of the first licensed cryptocurrency exchanges and custody in South Korea (FSC) and the US (FinCEN)/ an Adjunct Professor at Hanyang University, Department of Finance. She has extensive experience in traditional finance and non-profit sector. She worked as an Investment Banker at Macquarie and Relationships Manager at SMBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation). She also co-founded W-Foundation (, an international non-profit organization accredited by the Korean government and the official partner to the United Nations (UNFCCC). She received her Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. in International Business from Ewha Womans University.

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