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Guest Speakers

The list will be updated.

Adrian LiEcosystem Development for the PSE team @ Ethereum Foundation

Adrian joined the Truffle team as part of ConsenSys in 2018 to work on developer tooling for dapp development. In 2020, he developed a successful defi protocol with over 9-figures of TVL and also started an AMM with a dynamic bonding curve.

Brian PakCEO @ Theori

Brian is a cybersecurity expert with a strong background in both academia and industry. He holds an M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and has a wealth of experience in the field, including co-founding and serving as the CEO of Theori. He is also a highly accomplished hacker with over 70 wins in international competitions and multiple reported vulnerabilities to global vendors and open-source projects. He has been recognized for his contributions with multiple awards, including the Minister of Science and ICT Award and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Award. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to the R.O.K. Cyber Command and a mentor at KITRI’s Best of the Best (BoB) program.

Chaerin KimDeveloper Relations @ Solana Korea

Chaerin Kim is a Developer Relations in Korea. She is currently creating Solana lectures on Fast Campus, and primarily focusing on on-chain solutions. Previously, she worked on EVM-based development, and since joining Solana, she has been working on examples and sessions related to transitioning from EVM to SVM (Ethereum to Solana). She was a President of Ewhachain, Blockchain Club of Ewha Womans University. (Now advisor of Ewhachain)

Cindy LeeCEO @ The Sandbox Korea

Cindy Lee joined The Sandbox in 2021 and took on the position of CEO of The Sandbox Korea in 2022, bringing with her over 18 years of extensive experience in the gaming industry. Throughout her career, she has held various positions in business development, marketing, and publishing in renowned global companies such as NEOWIZ Corp., NCSOFT Corp., Smilegate, and DoubleU Games Co. Additionally, she served as the CEO of BORA, a blockchain-based digital content platform of Way2Bit, which was later acquired by Metabora, a subsidiary of Kakao Games.

Daniel KimFounder & CEO @ NFTBank

CEO of NFTBank & Venture partner of Hashed Ventures.

Hakhyun KimSenior Tech Director @ Solana Korea

Hakhyun Kim is a Senior Tech Director in Korea with over 15 years of experience in game industry. He has held managerial and engineering roles at top companies like Havok, Unity, Nexon. He is passionate about tooling and game engines like Unity and Unreal, which enable developers to create games without obstacles. He also contributes to the Solana ecosystem by helping excellent game engines integration with Solana.

Juno ImTeam Lead (ChainLight) @ Theori

  • Won 1st place on Paradigm Web3 hacking competition and others (e.g. DEFCON)
  • Ranked 2nd place on Ethereum execution layer bug bounty
  • Presented at Web3 Korea 2022 on the latest case study in DeFi security vulnerabilities
  • Mentors at Dream Academy

Minhyun KimCEO @ Common Computer Inc.

Ex Google Engineer, Common Computer CEO, AI Network Founder

Dr. Rolf Lorenz HoeferCultur3, MetaCartel Ventures DAO, Metarial VC

Rolf Hoefer started in blockchain with his PhD at INSEAD in 2011, where he completed his dissertation on tokens and organizations. Today, Rolf is a core contributor to MetaCartel Ventures DAO, runs a VC called Cultur3 Capital, advises Seoul-based VC firm Metarial VC, and pushes a creative Web3 agency called Cultur3 Numomo. Rolf has experience across NFT, DeFi, and standard-setting DAOs such as Rarible, Cream, and Metagov. Rolf is currently writing “DAO Revolution”, following up on his previous book called “NFT Revolution” that sold over 100,000 copies. Rolf advises well-known web2 and web3 companies and has spoken on DAOs at various universities including Harvard, Stanford, and USC.

Sangmin Seo, Ph.D.Director @ Klaytn Foundation

Sangmin is the Director of Klaytn Foundation and also Chief Klaytn Officer (CKO) at Krust Universe where he is leading the development and operation of the Klaytn blockchain. Before joining Klaytn Foundation and Krust Universe, Sangmin was CTO at GroundX, a blockchain subsidiary of the leading South Korean mobile platform company, Kakao. Prior to that, he worked as an assistant computer scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and as a senior engineer at Samsung Research. He received B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science and engineering at Seoul National University, respectively. His technical interests include blockchains, high-performance computing, parallel programming models, compilers, and runtime systems.

Seungwon JeongAssistant Professor @ KAIST School of Business and Technology Management

Seungwon Jeong is an assistant professor at the School of Business and Technology Management, College of Business at KAIST. I received my PhD from Stanford University. Before joining KAIST I worked as a lecturer (assistant professor) at the University of Bristol, and also worked as a New Faculty Fellow Economist at Facebook.

Songyi Leecore contributor @ Impact collectiveCommunity & Governance

Songyi Lee is a longtime player in the blockchain ecosystem, with over a decade of experience. She co-founded a blockchain startup that utilized Bitcoin on decentralized SMS networks to provide financial service in 2013. Currently, she is an active contributor to several DAOs and Dorgs, and she manages Impact Collective. With extensive knowledge in community and governance design, DID, Fintech, and emerging economies, Songyi advises both web2 and web3 organizations and non-profit organizations.

Wanseob LimTechnical Lead at PSE(Privacy and Scaling Explorations) & Steward of General Eco-dev @ Ethereum Foundation

Wanseob Lim is an applied zkp developer at the Ethereum Foundation. He has a background in both the blockchain and machine learning industries, having served as the CTO for a company builder and a machine learning company. Prior to his current role, he was a serial entrepreneur, but now focuses exclusively on cryptography research.

Younghwi ChoCo-Founder and Designer @ Hunt Town

Bio and Portfolio: